Audio Recording Nepenthe Studios specialise in Audio Recording for both voice and music, providing a personal and dedicated service. Tracks are provided either as CD-audio, WAV or MP3. However, other formats can easily be provided if required.

Includes recording for:
  • Solo artists or bands, at your location.
  • Voice-overs for corporate projects, audio &/or video.
  • Voice only or mixed music & voice
  • Media samples for private or corporate web-based projects

Over more than a decade we have worked with medical professionals for training, relaxation and hypnosis voice-overs; we have provided voice for telephony systems in English and multi-language formats; not to mention recording for countless bands, groups, and artists.

Music icon ​Opening up a large range of possibilities we use both multi-track digital audio workstations (Logic Pro-X) and ADAT HDD recorders making almost any kind of recording possible. Also available are a range of outboard compressors, limiters, EQ's and effects units for the times where the computer based effects just don't cut it.
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We also specialise in Video recording and professional Photography.