We are taking more enquiries from Bark which has the effect of booking up dates further in the future, particularly at weekends for wedding and event services, but we like to fit commercial projects during the week. Juggling several diaries is a skill.
Updating videos
Its been some time since we updated the video and photo examples on our website. We do have more examples and often email out links so have a look on the video page and see what’s included.
From commercial photography to weddings
There’s been a huge range of photography happening in the studio and beyond, with 3 different commercial projects this week, and more wedding photography to come, but we’re not ignoring our musical roots as we’re recording tracks on the weekend as well. No lack of variety!
Full-on rehearsal space using 50% of the studio
Fenech Soler have been in the studio over the last couple of weeks with some intensive sessions. After a bit of rearrangement, the live room is freed up now for the next 5 bands coming in this week, while we set up to produce some video in the stage room.
Product Photography
We’re busy with product photography just recently for very different clients, in the studio earlier on in the week taking images of products which help anyone visually-impaired, and today working out at the Battery Store in Market Harborough.
Thank you for your ideas and suggestions about great photo locations in the area. We aim to offer a selection of the best areas when booking a shoot, and its good to know ahead of time which locations have parking charges or restrictions on specific activities. Please keep sending suggestions through.
Great photography locations
Exploring good venues for engagement photography in the area, we’re finding its a bit limited for areas that allow dogs as well. We would like to build up a directory of locations suitable with or without dogs, and would welcome help if you can make suggestions please. Email your ideas through to us and we’ll check them out – thank you
DVDs, CDs and Scumbus

Busy getting discs duplicated, for Peterborough School and for Scumbus, and what do we see but Scumbus getting coverage at Hereward Radio tonight – good job.

Stop-motion video
The new video for Topcatt Fencing is complete and we’ll add a link later this week
Promo video
So finally we get around to adding our own promo video to our website – have a look at our video page.