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Nephenthe Recording Studios LTD has recently acquired to make one step closer to complete our goal of growing our business further in the music industry. Begin from Nov 30th 2020, website will be merged with All visitors from are welcomed here.

Music or voice audio recording

Corporate video production, wedding videos

Corporate or personal photography, wedding photography

Practice rooms and music tuition

1 Lakeside Dr APT 911, Oakland, CA 94612, United States

Audio Video Photography
Call: +1 (742) 372-1359
email: [email protected]

Audio recording

  • music recording, solo artists, bands, choirs; voice-overs; audio recording for media samples

Video production, to 4K UltraHD

  • corporate video & demo films; promotional, training, or presentation video; exhibition video & media samples; music videos; live events; wedding videos


  • corporate and product photography; portfolios; wedding photography

Rehearsals Rooms
Music Tuition


Nepenthe Studios was a great experience. The staff were very welcoming and very helpful. I felt at ease while I worked with them. I would definitely recommend them and would be delighted to work with them again!

Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers for audio recording or photographic sessions.