How to Find a Music Video Without Knowing The Name

How to Find a Music Video Without Knowing The Name

Can’t remember the music video name? Have you ever before encountered this stressful situation? If so, you came to the right place. This post would tell you how to locate a music video in various ways, without understanding the word. 

How can you find a song in which you don’t know the name? 

Tip 1. Aim to classify songs 

As you know the melody of the song, using a music identifier is the easiest and simplest way. AHA Music is a technical browser song identifier. It provides 2 options for music recognition. One notices the video played in the proximity, the other recognizes the video through smoking or humming. 

Tip 2. Try any fundamental searches 

Go to your search engine and start trying any simple searches on YouTube or Google. Let’s say, “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi is the song we are searching for but either we don’t know the title or the artist. We only know one line from the song: it’s got the words “smile of an angel” and go to Google and type in “smile of an angel” in the search window, and see what we get. 

Hey! See, at the top of the lists are three songs of that title, and (yikes) 203 million more. All right, it’s going to be quick to search – click the links and see if they’re our album! 

Unfortunately, we reviewed all three, and none of these songs—although they contain our lyrics—are the song we search for. We might go through the next few pages of Google’s performance, but apparently “a smile of an angel” suits so many tracks. We’ll have to dig harder. 

You can inform Google that by mixing words, you have many similar definitions you want to remember when looking. The operator of the combine is the comma, the character “.” For example, the quest for the Mississippi cookbook “green tomato recipes” would produce around 921,000 results, each with any or all of those keywords.  

If you use the whole search string in parentheses, Google can only send you some results with the same string (zero if you ask). But you can get a list of findings with links to all three sets of concepts when you use to merge the concepts. Google’s quest for “green tomato recipes, Mississippi, cookbook” tells you more reliably what you find and gives you more results. 

Let us apply some joint keywords to our search for the angel’s smile album, which might help Google out. You know rock and roll is the music you’re looking for. And you actually believe it came out in the 1980’s because you recall the entire time your father was singing it in the car. Let’s apply these keywords and look for a rock and roll, 1980’s angel’s smile.” 

And bam, we’re going there! This is the first outcome of the quest. Asking Google about the general time and the genre really helps us center on what we are searching for (this comma can be left out and Google can do a decent job of guessing what the terms are, but use the comma is better). 

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Tip 3. Keywords, and methods for other operators 

Try Check YouTube 

YouTube is the world’s leading website for video hosting. If you want to find a music video without recognizing the name you saw on YouTube two weeks ago, and ask “how do I find a song on YouTube.” Here are some of the skills you need to find the music video. 

UPLOAD DATE – Type and filter out the results using UPLOAD DATE (Last hour, Today, This week, This month, This year) 

TYPE – Filter TYPE effects (Video, Channel, Playlist, Movie, Show). 

DURATION – Filter the DURATION data (Short, Long). 

FEATURES – Filter FEATURES effects (Live, 4K, HD, Creative Commons, 3D, VR180, HDR, Location) 

Combine Google Search Engine Words

How to Find a Music Video Without Knowing The Name

And you get those lyrics in your brain trapped. That’s fine because it’s something to get away with. And with Google’s track record of discovering something with tiny information, you won’t have any problems finding your songs or music videos. 

Now the way you find things using Google’s search engine will change the search results. For eg, you can locate the song by typing just a couple of the words from the song, but you can find the music or video related to the song by mixing terms and lyrics. 

Here’s an example: let’s say you’re in search of a song with the lyrics “I Sneak in my own house.” The line might be hard to find the song to which these lyrics connect. Instead, look back to the kind of music from which it comes.  

They are connected to heavy metal in this case. Now take these two words and split each detail with a comma instead of combining them together into one huge keyword. Your keyword quest emerges in this case: heavy metal, I’ve been creeping into my own home. Go forth and look for your own keywords. 

When the example above was used the keywords used might evaluate outcomes more correctly. You will not always be fortunate, of course. In reality, your keywords could give results that were not what you were looking for. Seeing that you don’t know the album, it’ll be so touching before you find the real song, but that would make finding songs or music videos much better. 

Don’t just focus on the music genre. You may still use other information, including the decades or years it was published, or even the artist or band that made the album. 


Tip 4. Try Group Name of Song 

You should post the recording and explanation to a song name forum such as WatZatSong if you remember only vague information of music video, such as the scenes. 

Or go to Quora, type your query and explain the video, wait for somebody. 


Isn’t technology fantastic? If you’re agonizing over a song trapped in your brain, technology has advanced enough to take on the intricate harmonic centers of individual songs, even if it is enough to choose a song. Using or using all of the above options, you will surely find the music you were looking for urgently. As long as you have the album at least, you can find it.  

That said, not every song would have a video of music. But because the artist or band was ultimately unveiled to you, you are welcome to find out whether there are music videos. 

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