How to Play Sound Through Speakers and Headphones

How to Play Sound Through Speakers and Headphones

Have you ever wondered if you should use your computer speakers and a pair of headphones to play the same sound? What about playing two separate audio sources concurrently through your ears and speakers? 

Both situations in Windows 10 are probable, and it is simpler than you thought. So why would you want to do this first? 

Steps to simultaneously use both headset and speaker 

This guide demonstrates how speakers and headphones in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 can be used simultaneously. 

Phase 1: Attach your headset to your PC and ensure speakers are attached as well. Until continuing to the next step, please ensure the correct link between your PC speaker and the attached headset. 

Phase 2: Right-click the Taskbar volume icon and click Sounds. This unlocks the Settings for Sounds. 

Phase 3: Right-click on your speaker under the Playback tab, then click Default User Package to make it default. If the default user option is not included or grayed out, then you might want to skip to the next stage since the speaker is already the default audio device on your PC. 

Phase 4: Move to the Record tab with the same click. 

Phase 5: Right-click Stereo Mix and click Properties under the Recording tab. 

Phase 6: Pick your headphones under Playback from this unit. 

Phase 7: Click on the button Submit. That’s it! The echo can come from both your headset and speakers now. 

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A Hardware Approach 

All of this includes some slightly technological messages for your app and computer, but what about using both your speakers and headphones concurrently, playing precisely the same audio with 100% fidelity with no software messages? The response is really simple. Everything you need is a splitter headset! 

These are the same dividers that are needed to attach two headphones to the same audio jack. People use them all the time, for example, when two people try to watch the same film on an airliner. 

The only distinction here is that you plug a pair of speakers on the splitter and headphones into one jack. Instead of two headset sets. 

If you want to get headphones, just turn your speaker’s volume button to zero and slip your headphones on. If you have inline volume buttons on your headphones, you will do the same. Perhaps the best means of duplicating an audio source. Especially on a laptop with one headphone output only. 

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Final remarks 

We hope you’ve found a way to play sound from your speakers by simultaneously using headphones. 

This way you will enjoy your favorite songs or podcasts without distracting the world and sharing them with other people who want to listen. This is a win-win outcome for everyone. 

Will you give the audio to your speakers and to your headphones? What has worked for you? Have you tried another way that worked? Please let us know in the following comments. 

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